Obama Apologizes To Supreme Court, Asks For Beer Summit!

Seeking to quell the controversy over his  comments on a recent Supreme Court decision, President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to the White House briefing room this afternoon.

Obama_Gates_E_20090724155525.jpgAssociated Press

“I unfortunately gave an impression that I was maligning the Supreme Court or Justice Kennedy specifically, and I could have calibrated those words differently,” Obama told reporters.

At his primetime State Of The Union address on January 27th, Obama said the Supreme Court acted stupidly regarding the Citizen United vs the FEC, and the decision will “open the floodgates” of spending for corporations and foreign companies and other special interests in reversing a century. One Supreme Court justice, Samual Alito, shook his head as if to say the court acted appropriately.

UPDATE 4:06 p.m.: In a statement, the White House said Obama spoke with Justice Roberts this afternoon at 3:15 p.m. “They had a positive discussion during which the president told Roberts about his call with Judge Alito and statement to the media,” reads the statement. Obama has invited Justices Roberts, Kennedy, Alito and the other Supreme Court justices to a meeting at the White House for a beer summit “in the near future.”

Note: Original story content borrowed from: WSJ

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