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Global Warming Gives Oysteres Herpes.

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010


Talk about sucking the life out of a good myth.

Scientists last month confirmed that oysters, long rumored to be aquatic aphrodisiacs, are contracting herpes, and the disease is killing them in great numbers, National Geographic now reports.

Deadly and incurable, the virus has been ravaging oyster communities near the coast of the U.K., killing off the Pacific variety of the shellfish.

While not contagious to humans and apparently only able to infect the Pacific strain of oysters, the disease now threatens the Pacific oyster industry off the English coast, Treehugger adds.

The cause, according to the National Geographic, could actually be related to global warming. The herpes strain infecting the oysters is only active in waters above a certain temperature, and remains dormant otherwise. As global water temperatures rise, new breeding grounds for the herpes virus appear.

Herpes in mollusks has been known about for years. The recent strain, first detected in France in 2008, is more virulent and deadly because it attacks young oysters in their breeding phase, when they have reduced immune defenses.

Yes, this is a real story, not altered in any way.

Developing – Gays Fight For Right To Get Engaged.

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Now that the notion of gay marriage has shown to be less than a sure thing as far as the voting public is concerned, and is currently tied up in the courts, Bruce Blatt, longtime same sex advocate, has come up with an ingenious plan to advance the cause – gay engagement! “It’s the next obvious step” said the full-time blogger of Gay Surface-To-Air Missile., or GaySTAM.

“Look honey, we get far closer to our goal than people realize. We get to share rings, we get to have engagement parties,  bachelor and bachelor parties and other parties, have the future in-laws over for dinner, and we can live together like we’re married, yet it won’t be our fault that we can’t get married, but like so many American who get engaged and never get married, we can also pretend that it’s going to happen. It would be like voting “present” on marriage”.

“Plus, unlike marriage, there is no controlling legal authority, so it would be much harder to legally block our new movement”. He added “No one can stop us. Time is on our side”.

Sean Dobson, head of the Foundation for Fighting against Fake Families, sees the latest move to gain acceptance of gay relationships as dangerous to the ideal of real families. ” Engagements have for centuries been exclusively between one man and one woman. This whole idea of gays getting engaged is scam, designed to promote sympathy for those people. It tears at the social fabric that binds us all,  and will destroy the institution that is engagement!”.

Blatt counters that assertion “They used that argument against same sex marriage. We wouldn’t have destroyed it because it’s already destroyed. Remember when Brittney Spears got married in Vegas for a day. That does more to ruin marriage than we ever could. And now, you have Levi and Bristol making a mockery of  their engagement after only two weeks….  So there you go!”.

In Related News:  The FFFF has been caught using fake families to promote their family friendly cause.

Global Warming Causes Monkeys To Hate Squirrels (for good reason).

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

evil squirrel

Researchers have observed small monkeys called Japanese macaques going bananas at the sight of a flying squirrel, and provides yet more proof of global warming.

This riled-up response was in the past probably just a false alarm, with the monkeys mistaking the squirrel for a predatory bird. On the other hand, as global warming is making birds smaller, the macaques are now mistaking bats for birds, birds for bugs, and bugs for butter. This type of confusion could very well lead to the eventual extinction of the macaques.

Biologists and psychologists have long studied macaques’ complex social interactions for insights into the human societal changes expected as a result of global warming.

“Human evolution occurred alongside primate evolution from a common mammalian ancestor,” Onishi told LiveScience. “Therefore, it is important to learn the evolution of primates in understanding the previous steps in human evolution to understand how we will react to a changing environment.”

When Japanese giant flying squirrels glided over to a tree in the monkeys’ vicinity, adults and adolescent macaques started hollering at it threateningly, the researchers report. Young macaques screamed “Crap, it’s a bird!” and mothers scooped up their infants, while adults and high-ranking males in particular went and physically harassed the offending squirrel.

Onishi said other researchers have observed macaques used to respond in a similarly aggressive manner to birds that prey on the monkeys, such as the golden eagle and mountain hawk eagle. These raptors glide and swoop much like the flying squirrels. But not only are the once mighty raptors getting smaller, but the flying squirrels are getting more aggressive. In fact new research shows that the entire squirrel family may be developing a taste for animal flesh, which of course includes the human variety, with children being particularly vulnerable. Yet another potentially devastating consequence of global warming.

Other woodland creatures, including hares, deer and wild boars, have also shown an increase in carnivorous tendencies, said Onishi.

Real Story Here

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