Developing – Gays Fight For Right To Get Engaged.

Now that the notion of gay marriage has shown to be less than a sure thing as far as the voting public is concerned, and is currently tied up in the courts, Bruce Blatt, longtime same sex advocate, has come up with an ingenious plan to advance the cause – gay engagement! “It’s the next obvious step” said the full-time blogger of Gay Surface-To-Air Missile., or GaySTAM.

“Look honey, we get far closer to our goal than people realize. We get to share rings, we get to have engagement parties,  bachelor and bachelor parties and other parties, have the future in-laws over for dinner, and we can live together like we’re married, yet it won’t be our fault that we can’t get married, but like so many American who get engaged and never get married, we can also pretend that it’s going to happen. It would be like voting “present” on marriage”.

“Plus, unlike marriage, there is no controlling legal authority, so it would be much harder to legally block our new movement”. He added “No one can stop us. Time is on our side”.

Sean Dobson, head of the Foundation for Fighting against Fake Families, sees the latest move to gain acceptance of gay relationships as dangerous to the ideal of real families. ” Engagements have for centuries been exclusively between one man and one woman. This whole idea of gays getting engaged is scam, designed to promote sympathy for those people. It tears at the social fabric that binds us all,  and will destroy the institution that is engagement!”.

Blatt counters that assertion “They used that argument against same sex marriage. We wouldn’t have destroyed it because it’s already destroyed. Remember when Brittney Spears got married in Vegas for a day. That does more to ruin marriage than we ever could. And now, you have Levi and Bristol making a mockery of  their engagement after only two weeks….  So there you go!”.

In Related News:  The FFFF has been caught using fake families to promote their family friendly cause.

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