Madison Detached Hand Mystery….. Solved?

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A family dog in Madison brought home a severed human hand Saturday, launching a search that turned up the body of a suspected anti-Republican / Governor Walker protester, police said.

Sgt. Jody Tittle said police were called to a residence around 8:25 a.m. on reports that the family’s black Labrador retriever had the hand in its mouth.

Police searched with the assistance of Border Patrol search dogs for about 2 1/2 hours before coming upon the body of a man near a canal.

Tittle said the body appeared to have been there for a day or so, and that the man’s red shirt had “Solidarity” printed on front, leading officials to believe he was a protester at a recent anti-Governor Walker rally.


Police now say they do have a person of interest connected to the crime. Blogger Chris Althouse was seen the day before defending his mother Ann Althouse from an attack that may have emanated from this very protester. The University of Wisconsin Law Professor and widely read blogger writes on her blog:

In the middle of the screen, at 3:38, in the red “fist” T-shirt and holding a heart-shaped balloon, is the man who pointed me out in the rotunda yesterday and who (apparently) participated in the comments yesterday under the pseudonym “Dirty Hippie.” He talks to the attacker just before the attacker yells “You’re socially retarded” and attacks me. The attack is at 3:58, off camera. Meade yells “hey” a few times and gets the incident framed. At 4:00, you see Chris detaching that man’s hands from me.

Here is the video.

However, if any of the members of the Althouse family is responsible for the protesters death, there may be little the Madison Police can do. Buried within the language of the Walker budget, there is a hidden provision within the bill  indemnifying the actions taken by bloggers against those who assault them at political rallies. Curiously, there is no name attached to this specific language in the bill, only the initials A. A. Police are baffled that this provision would have gone unnoticed, and that the identity of the sponsor of this provision is so cleverly concealed.


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  1. TRO says:

    “You grab a hand, we take a hand.” ~ little known Althouse Family Motto

  2. EMF says:

    Yes, the police are “baffle”.

  3. alterednews says:

    “Baffled”… Fixed

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