Fresno Musician Mugged By Rogue Make-Up Artist. UPDATE.


Local Fresno musician Blake Jones was assaulted by what Mr. Jones calls a “rogue” make-up artist last night while attending the Roger Perry CD release party at Audies Olympic on Friday night.

“It was horrible” said Mr. Jones. “I was minding my own business, then from out of nowhere this woman tackles me, knocks me down, then starts putting make-up all over me! It was so quick and violent, I really had no time to react”.

Mr. Jones was treated at the scene for cuts and abrasions, as well as eye irritation after the at6tacker stuck the eye-liner applicator into his eye.

“I’m lucky she didn’t poke my eye out”.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that the entire story is an elaborate hoax. Mr. Jones had gotten into a cycle mishap earlier that day, and was trying to hide that fact from his wife, who had restricted him from riding his trike. Former friend Jeff Hallock notes that Mr. Jones has often pulled stunts to get attention.

“It’s why we’re not friends anymore” added Mr. Hallock. “He’ll do or say anything to get attention. Yeah… He’s pretty much an attention whore”.

When confronted with the new information, Mr. Jones responded: “Come On! You can’t trust that guy! He’s a drug addict!!!!!”.

To bolster his case, Mr. Hallock added: “That woman in the picture applying the make-up to Blake works for the Rogue Festival [a world renowned week-long music festival held in Fresno every year at end of February, featuring famed artists such as Laurel Canyon], and she told me Blake paid her to try and cover up the results of the accident”. It appears Mr. Jones used the term “rogue make-up artist” in order to pass a lie detector test if asked to do so.

UPDATE 2: It appears video of the crash has been uncovered, proving that drug addict Jeff Hallock was indeed providing accurate information.

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Trike Accident

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