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GOP Senator: Let restaurants ‘opt out’ of handwashing after toilet to ‘reduce regulatory burden’

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015


No…. I didn’t make this up.

Story, with video, is here.

Mysterious form of epilepsy triggered by Hannah Montana

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Is this actually surprising news?

Global Warming Gives Oysteres Herpes.

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010


Talk about sucking the life out of a good myth.

Scientists last month confirmed that oysters, long rumored to be aquatic aphrodisiacs, are contracting herpes, and the disease is killing them in great numbers, National Geographic now reports.

Deadly and incurable, the virus has been ravaging oyster communities near the coast of the U.K., killing off the Pacific variety of the shellfish.

While not contagious to humans and apparently only able to infect the Pacific strain of oysters, the disease now threatens the Pacific oyster industry off the English coast, Treehugger adds.

The cause, according to the National Geographic, could actually be related to global warming. The herpes strain infecting the oysters is only active in waters above a certain temperature, and remains dormant otherwise. As global water temperatures rise, new breeding grounds for the herpes virus appear.

Herpes in mollusks has been known about for years. The recent strain, first detected in France in 2008, is more virulent and deadly because it attacks young oysters in their breeding phase, when they have reduced immune defenses.

Yes, this is a real story, not altered in any way.

Women guilty of feeling too guilty, study shows

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Many men, on the other hand, stay emotionally detached, study suggests

[Editor’s Note:   OK. This is a real story. I don’t see any reason to change or alter anything here, do you? It speaks for itself.]

Kim Moldofsky can feel guilt over just about anything — her children, stray cats, her work, her husband. “I am easily guilted,” she told me, laughing.

Meanwhile, her husband, Brad, 41, remains blissfully guilt-free. “He is kind and caring but he can be more detached,” said Moldofsky, a 41-year-old “mom blogger” and social media strategist near Chicago. “Sometimes I want him to get caught up in the emotion.” (more…)